My Self Expression

My Self Expression

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WOW! Art Learning (Online Edition)

Creative and Aesthetic Development Course Set 2

(Art. Nos: 28906B01 )  

Recommended age : 4 years to 7 years old

In this series of 3 lesson, children explore different art techniques using the Elements of Art of lines, shapes and colours. This series encourages children to expand the way they look at art and also to discover more about themselves. Each lesson completes with instruction videos, art materials and tools to kick start their art learning journey.

a) Facial Expression

Inspired by the contemporary artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, children learn to compose their “exaggerated” facial expressions through Lines and Shapes with a combination of Primary and Neutral Colours. They will be experimenting with a variety of mediums and tools, learn to recognise and label different expressions associated with different feelings to compose this unique abstract art presentation. 

b) Portrait

Children learn to observe different facial features through Lines and Shapes. They will be using various clay modelling techniques to express their feeling and ideas, and the dabbing and splatter painting techniques to complete this 2D Relief Clay artwork.

c) Masks

Decorative masks have been used in festivities, in theatre performances and as art pieces. Children shall extend their knowledge in the Art Element of Lines, Shapes and Colours and experiment with a variety of colours and designs in these activities. They shall express their ideas creatively by putting together sequins and other decorative materials to complete their final mask artwork.

d) Instructional videos for the artworks

e) Art pack 

1. A4 sized transparency

2. A4 sized paper 

3. Twin tipped drawing marker 

4. A4 sized water-coloured paper

5. Water soluble oil pastel

6. Round brush

7. White glue

8. A5 sized board  

9. Modelling clay

10. Round wooden stick 

11. Pencil    

12. Paints colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White)

13. A4 sized corrugated board

14. Sponge cubes

15. Paper mask  

16. Sequins

17. Coloured tissue papers

18. Coloured feathers

19. Masking tape

20. 2 Pcs of plastic plates

**Paint Colour assortment may be different from photograph

Pre- Lesson Preparation for work-station:

1. Newspaper/ disposable plastic sheet to protect table
2. Damp table cloth/ wet wipes to clean brushes
3. Old T-shirt / apron for child
4. Spray bottle half-filled with water