Creative Art Lessons (Season 1) 4 years old

Creative Art Lessons (Season 1) 4 years old

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WowART Creative and Aesthetic Development (Art Learning) Courses are designed to facilitate the child's exploration, experimentation and discovery.

The lessons are closely guided by the NEL framework for Aesthetic and Creative Expressions, Discovery of the World and Motor Skills Development (Fine Motor Skills).

The 3 carefully curated online lessons are designed ;
- To develop the child's Aesthetics abilities and Creative Confidence to express themselves through their artworks.
- To nurture their Inventiveness and Curiosity through exploration and experimentation during the art learning process.
- Most importantly, to enjoy art

The Creative Art Material Pack are available to KidzMatters subscribers at:
4 years old : $14.90
5 & 6 years old : $19.90

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