Nature Around Me

Nature Around Me

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WOW! Art Learning (Online Edition)

Creative and Aesthetic Development Course Set 1 

(Art. Nos. 28905B01)

Recommended age: 4 years to 7 years old

In this series of 3 lessons, children embark on a journey through nature and create their artwork through their observation and imagination. Each lesson completes with instruction videos, art materials and tools to kick start their art learning journey.

a) Snail

The lesson explores the Art Elements of textures, lines and colours as children observe and learn about the structure of a garden snail and its environment!

They will create their Mixed Media 2D Relief artwork through paper collaging and painting techniques.

b) Tree 

In this lesson, children expand their art knowledge of warm colours and colour gradient. They also learn to observe the different directions that the branches spread out of the trunk and the different sizes of the leaves.

c) Leaves

In this lesson, children explore the change in weather affecting the changes in the natural environment. They are encouraged to observe the varieties of colours when the temperature falls and the lines found on the leaves. Children will be using Paper Collaging and Etching Techniques and their observations of the leaves to create this artwork.

d) Instructional videos for the artworks

e) Art pack*

1. Paints 5 colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White)

2. A5 sized brown paper

3. A4 sized brown paper

4. A5 Sized coloured papers

5. Round brush

6. Round wooden stick

7. A4 sized board

8. A5 sized board

9. Tea leaves (Teabag)

10. White glue

11. A5 sized newspapers

12. Masking tape

13. 2 pcs of plastic plates

**Paint Colour assortment may be different from the photograph

Pre- Lesson Preparation for work-station:
1. Newspaper/ disposable plastic sheet to protect table
2. Damp table cloth/ wet wipes to clean brushes
3. Old T-shirt/apron for child
4. Spray bottle half-filled with water