KRAFTWORKS Giant Stencils - 12pcs/pack (People)

KRAFTWORKS Giant Stencils - 12pcs/pack (People)

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Kraftworks stencils are specially designed with large cut outs for the use by children. They come in brightly Coloured, sturdy plastic materials, which are durable and easily washable. They are great for developing children's creativity and hand eye coordination. Suitable to use with paints, Coloured pencils and oil pastels.

Stencil Size : 19 cm x 20 cm

12 pcs stencils with Boy, Boy with kite, Boy running, Boy on bicycle, Boy with ball, Boy with teddy bear. Girl, Girl skipping, Girl with ball, Girl with sand castle, Girl running, Ballerina motifs.

Ideal for creating big pictures and classroom display. Fully washable and reusable.